Woman/Man Full Body Health Study

This report includes information regarding possible functional changes in the following areas:

  • Head & Neck – Sinuses, TMJ, Dental, Carotid Arteries, Eye, Neck Pain/Inflammation
  • Breast – Lymph Congestion, Dilated Ducts, Hormonal Imbalance, Generalized Inflammation
  • Chest – Acid Reflux, Chest/Heart/Lungs, Anterior Shoulder Challenges
  • Upper Back – Stress/Strain, Injury
  • Abdomen – Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Intestines, Female Organs
  • Lower Back – Pain/Discomfort due to Stress or Injury
  • Arms- Pain/Discomfort due to Stress or Injury
  • Shoulders- Inflammation, Pain/Discomfort, Stress/Strain
  • Hands- Blood sugar issues, circulation, overuse from phones
  • Legs- vericose veins, injury, uneven gait, pain/stress
  • Knees- Pain/Discomfort, Stress/Strain, injury
  • Feet- Plantar fascia, uneven gate, pain due to stress or injury

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